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Creating High Performance Teams

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Course Description

Study Method: Training Center Location
Awarding Body: Creating High Performance Teams



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creating high performance teams



How Teams Achieve

A high-performance team is much more than a group of people who happen to work for the same organisation. It is a team that:

  • works together as a cohesive unit
  • takes pride in the team
  • performs well

Time: 1 Hour

creating high performance teams

Identify & Agree Performance Objectives

Most managers would consider themselves very lucky indeed if they were required to focus on just one objective at a time. For most people, the reality is quite different. Where you’re faced with a number of different objectives or tasks that all require attention, you need to find a way to choose which one to tackle first.

Time: 1 Hour

creating high performance teams

Developing Trust

According to Douglas McGregor (1960/2006) trust is:

The knowledge that you will not deliberately or accidentally, consciously or unconsciously take advantage of me. There are two sides to trust within a relationship

What have we got to do in the workplace to foster trust and support?

Time: 1 Hour

creating high performance teams


Assessing Performance & Providing Feedback

Performance management is about making sure that the work done by each member of your team contributes to achieving the overall team objectives. It is important that the activities of your team are set in the context of the organisational policies, objectives and values.

Everyone in the business should be pulling in the same direction.

How do we assess? What kind of feedback is required?

Time: 1 Hour

creating high performance teams

Supporting Performance Improvement

The emphasis should be on improving the performance of the employee concerned. There are a number of options open to the manager to do this and it is important to consider what are the best options to implement. These should be agreed by and be acceptable to both the employee and the manager.

What should we be doing?

Time: 1 Hour

creating high performance teams

Managing Conflict in the Workplace

Regardless of the type of organisation for which you work, one of your key roles will be managing other people. You will also, probably, belong to one or more teams as a team member. This means that, on a daily basis, there will be countless opportunities for you to either become embroiled in conflict with other people, or to have to deal with the conflict that’s occurred between other people.

What can we do to ease tensions?

Time: 1 Hour


Time: 30 mins

creating high performance teams


Time Management

It is vital that all managers control the use of their time.

It is a very valuable resource

What can we do to control of use of it?

Time: 1.5 Hours

creating high performance teams


Monitoring and Control

The triangle of time, cost and quality in relation to scope is something that every project manager has to juggle with.

Sometimes, in order to maximise one aspect, you have to compromise on one, or both, or all of the others.

We must focus on managing the four dimensions – what can we do?

Time: 1.25 Hours

Time: 1.5 Hours


Time: 30 mins

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BHBi Training

BHBi offers training through a face to face classroom approach. These delivery methods, combined with the professionalism of our highly experienced tutors.

Candidates enrolling on BHBi's tuition delivery program will be assigned a dedicated tutor, will receive access to the online learning materials, and will attend workshops at our training venues with high quality experienced professionals where refreshments and lunch will be provided.

Course modules

This is a single module course. (All the information is on this course page).

Creating High Performance Teams

Course sessions

Course prices include all study materials, access to BHBi online interactive learning system, access to dedicated expert tutor, all day refreshments, and 3-course lunch. Course sizes are restricted to ensure active student participation. Course prices exclude VAT.

Revision sessions include refreshments, and lunch. Prices exclude VAT.

Module Month Date Location Price Enrol
Creating High Performance Teams March
09/03/2020 to 10/03/2020
Cardiff £645
Creating High Performance Teams November
26/11/2020 to 27/11/2020
Cardiff £645

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