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Internal Audit Practitioner

Internal Audit Practitioner

The Internal Audit Practitioner program is offered by The IIA and provides separate recognition and status for candidates who successfully complete and pass the CIA Part One exam.

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Internal Audit Practitioner



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internal audit practioner

The Internal Audit Practitioner designation is a great way to quickly demonstrate your internal audit aptitude. You can earn this new designation through social badging by completing the Internal Audit Practitioner application and taking and passing the Certified Internal Auditor® (CIA®) Part One exam.

Candidates who have previously passed CIA Part One who wish to obtain the Internal Audit Practitioner designation may apply as long as they passed the exam no more than 24 months prior to applying for the designation.

Ideal for New or Rotational Internal Auditors

If you are beginning your auditing career journey, obtaining this designation allows you to make a statement about your knowledge and aptitude as you progress through CIA Part 2 and 3. If you are navigating through a rotational role, the Internal Audit Practitioner designation provides you with the foundational knowledge you will need to make the most of your experience.

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A Great Way to Train your Staff on the Foundation of Internal Audit

If you manage an audit team, the Internal Audit Practitioner designation is a great way to establish a common foundation of skills and knowledge related to internal audit best practices. Set your team up for internal audit success by taking steps to insure they are well versed in internal audit basics by encouraging your associates to take and pass Part One of the CIA exam and earn the Internal Audit Practitioner designation.

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Eligibility Requirements


Internal Audit Practitioner candidates must meet the eligibility requirements for character and identification. Before a candidate application can be approved, ALL documentation (character reference and identification) must be received and approved by The IIA’s Certification staff.

Character Reference

Candidates must exhibit high moral and professional character and must submit a Character Reference signed by a CIA, CGAP, CCSA, CFSA, CRMA, or the candidate's supervisor.

Proof of Identification

Candidates must provide proof of identification in the form of a copy of the candidate’s official passport or national identity card. These must indicate current status; expired documents will not be accepted.

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What is the Internal Audit Practitioner program?

The Internal Audit Practitioner program is offered by The IIA and provides separate recognition and status for candidates who successfully complete and pass the CIA Part One exam.

What if I earn a certified status in the CIA or CRMA programs?

If you complete the CIA program (pass all three parts of the CIA exam) or obtain the CRMA, your Internal Audit Practitioner designation will automatically expire.

How will the Internal Audit Practitioner program benefit candidates?

The Internal Audit Practitioner program is the initial key to professional success, opening doors for career opportunities, and earning candidates increased credibility and respect within their profession and organisation.

For most, it is an important stepping stone towards completion of the full CIA or of those specialty certifications that require completion of the CIA Part One exam as a co-requisite (currently CRMA). It is also a desirable minimum achievement for those who are likely to be in internal auditing for two years or less.

Why does my designation expire after 2 full years?

The Internal Audit Practitioner is not designed to be held indefinitely. This program is designed to accommodate those who will only be in the profession for a short amount of time, and those who do not yet have enough experience to enter the full CIA program. As such, the designation will expire after 2 full calendar years.

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BHBi Training

BHBi offers training through a face to face classroom approach. These delivery methods, combined with the professionalism of our highly experienced tutors.

Candidates enrolling on BHBi's tuition delivery program will be assigned a dedicated tutor, will receive access to the online learning materials, and will attend workshops at our training venues with high quality experienced professionals where refreshments and lunch will be provided.

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