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Hall of Fame

Gavin Rees MCMI CMgr
CMI Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership and Chartered Manager.I first approached BHBi in March of 2011 with a view to formalising and validating my management and leadership credentials. I was unsure as to which level to start at but, upon meeting with Mark Barnes (MD), was pleasantly surprised to be recommended for the CMI Level 7 Strategic Management and Leadership. Mark immediately gave me the confidence and assurance that the content and workload would be an ideal fit for progression in my current and later roles. For the duration of the course, I found BHBi to be knowledgeable, extremely supportive and very understanding. Juggling a heavy work schedule, a new born baby and a challenging course meant a lot of late nights and ‘prioritising’ but Mark’s advice and guidance throughout was invaluable. I pride myself on putting in every effort as you only get out what you put in after all. However, Mark tested me at every step, constantly challenging my thinking and encouraging me to explore and critique established management ideas in all modules. I feel as though I could have passed the course and gained accreditation in a shorter space of time. However, I was inspired into thought provoking ideas that have stretched my capability and improved my performance. I really do feel like I operate on a different plane now as a result of the work completed over two years with BHBi and the CMI.As a committed ‘lifelong learner’, I am always keen to develop myself and those around me. I have since used BHBi with other members of my team and again found them to be superb and would recommend them to anyone. 
Dave Anderson CMIIA MCMI CMgr
CMIIA MCMI CMgr After attaining my CMIIA qualification I missed Mark, Paul and the team so much I went back to complete the MCMI and CMgr qualifications with BHBi. My quest to challenge Mr Barnes for most letters after your name still has a long way to go, but then again I have youth on my side. Studying with BHBi has given me some great memories, friends and I’m grateful to the team for making it so. I am now looking to taking on new challenges at work and can sleep soundly now knowing that even if I’ve not made it as ‘Rockstar legend’ in my personal life, I’ve made it as one in the Professional world.
Alan Bentley CMgr
Chartered Manager.Alan Bentley attained his Chartered Manager Award through BHBi. 
Julie Price MCMI
Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management.Julie Price achieved her Level 7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership with BHBi 
Karen Dancey DMCO
Diploma in Management Consultancy.Karen Dancey studied for a a Professional Diploma in Management Consultancy, having been a consultant for many years. Karen gained the DMCO from the Institute of Consulting with BHBi.
Hannah Dennis CMIIA
CMIIA I studied for both my PIIA and CMIIA qualifications with BHBi through my employer. On each course I tried harder and harder to master the exact intonation with which Mark exclaims “More! Give me MORE!” with little success. I did, however, pass every exam on my first sitting and became exam qualified in less than two and a half years. The delivery of each course strikes a balance between clear tuition and coming up with the answers yourself, and repetition of key themes helps to embed these in your subconscious – “More!” – which is exactly what is needed to recall information in an exam situation. From my time with BHBi I have taken away both my CMIIA qualification and the intention to return to BHBi to progress my career further in the future.
Helen Higgs CMIIA MCMI CMgr
Chartered Internal Auditor CMIIA L7 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership MCMI Chartered Manager CMgr    
Jo Clewes CMIIA
Chartered Internal Auditor CMIIA. Double prize winner for IIA exam results: IIA Diploma Charles Duly Prize 2012 and IIA Advanced Diploma Peter Hook Prize 2013. I studied M2 Financial Management with BHBi as part of the IIA Advanced Diploma, a big help guiding me through all of those ratio calculations!
Kim Brown MCMI
Kim Brown has achieved her CMI Level 5 Diploma in Strategic Management & Leadership and is pictured receiving her Diploma from her BHBi Tutor Paul Haley
Steven Eldridge CMIIA
I studied for both my PIIA and CMIIA qualifications with BHBi through my employer. Not only did I pass all my exams in the first sitting, I even achieved the Peter Hook Prize for the Advanced Diploma. I found the course to be an excellent platform for learning about each subject – the sessions were interactive and drew upon a combination of the experience of both the tutors and classmates. This combination of theory and "real life" practical experience meant that I didn't just learn the material to pass the exams, but have been able to apply all of this to the day job and really add value to the work I do. A massive, massive thank you to everyone at BHBi for helping kick start my career in such a positive fashion.
I first met Paul and Mark in 2008 as they were running courses for the IIA Certificate in Internal Audit and Business Risk (IACert).  Their excellence in delivery and interaction and involvement with the students during those courses meant that the BHBi tutors have had the pleasure of my company (well OK I have had the pleasure of their training) ever since and helped me achieve Chartered Internal Auditor (CMIIA / PIIA) through the 9 exams required and Chartered Manager status (MCMI / CMgr) through their ideal Triple Qualification process to gain the Level 7 Extended Diploma in Strategic Management and Leadership.  Basically, without BHBi, I would not have these professional career qualifications and I am therefore extremely grateful to them for all their patience and assistance. Thank you very much Mark, Paul, Dave, Bob and Teresa.

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