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Module Description

Study Method: Distance Learning
Awarding Body: Chartered Management Institute

This unit is about understanding risk, assessing risk, implementing risk management activities and evaluating outcomes of risk management activities

At the end of the unit the following competences will have been achieved and the learner will be able to:

  • Discuss the meaning of risk to an organisation
  • Define the responsibilities for risk management at operational management level
  • Explain a risk management model
  • Develop and justify risk management criteria against which risk can be assessed
  • Identify, evaluate and select techniques to identify risk including risk interdependencies
  • Analyse a risk management model to quantify risk
  • Evaluate the level of risk against pre-established criteria
  • Identify, evaluate and select activities to eliminate, mitigate, deflect or accept risk
  • Determine a process for implementing and managing a disaster recovery plan

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Accredited By

CIPFA Accredited
leadership management wales
chartered management institute approved
institute of consulting approved
institute of consulting premier practice
leadership management wales
institute of consulting approved

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institute of internal auditors

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